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The American Ideals Foundation's

 Children’s Division

C.A.R.'s mission is to provide hope to not only for dependents but for communities world wide.   We provide outreach, resources, assistance, educational and prevention services that fosters healthy outcomes for our youth , care givers, guardians,  Veterans, Active Duty and First Responders. Our services have provided families and children over  many decades hope in times of great need.  



Has been serving children in need of assistance world wide for decades to make their lives better. 

Our goal has always focused on providing under served families with assistance when no other organization or resource is able to assist.  Our focus is on positive development for the young people in these families.  We provide outreach and prevention services that fosters healthy outcomes for youth. Our prevention approaches are critical to reducing disparities that exist in these communities we serve. Building a trusting relationship requires personal integrity, not just professional training and credentials as proof of trustworthiness.   We propose this by engaging in a great deal of listening to the needs of the community.  We believe that our successful outreach and prevention efforts have been successful because the A.I.F. responds to the needs of our communities.  

Fall 2019

Our CHILDREN'S DIVISION has been very active regarding help, guidance, advice, counseling, funding sources and so much more.   Our main focus is concentrated in Polk County, Florida. All families are of  FIRST RESPONDERS, VETERAN, ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY

  • Two year old removed from mother due to neglect. 
  •  4 and a 7 year old who's 34 year old father is recovering for a successful heart transplant.
  • 12 year old and his grandmother personal assistance.
  • Veteran with 2 children under 11 family suffering due to P.T.S.D. 
  • Autistic child assisted with imperative communication  device.
  • Several children of P.T.S.D. Veteran parents receiving group counseling.
  • Mother of 4 with husband on active Military Duty.
  • 8 year old girl needing help with a cosmetic problem.
  • 2 Brothers that are going through a terrible criminal case.
  • Police officer mother of premature twins and 3 year old needing childcare and home health care.
  • 3 and 7 Year old with foster families
  • 5 year old badly abused in foster care
  • Blind child needing medical and learning equipment.
  • Veteran mother and 2 kids found homeless.
  • Air Force Veteran with son needing emergency housing.
  • 4 year old girl taken away from parents and living with grandmother.
  • Providing child care in under served communities for 10 needy families
  • Reading program to help over 2,000 5 and 6 year old children.
  • Providing Veteran Families with after school learning programs I.E. Dance, Marshal Arts, photography, music lessons, theater, equine therapy and much more for youth that is troubled.
  • Foster caregiver help for a 4 year old girl who was abused by her biological mother.
  • Provided food and shelter to several homeless Veterans who have children.
  • Assisted Private schools in receiving needed equipment.

Highlights From A.I.F. News Flashes

Winter 2016 News Flash Excerpt

We have saved several children from being taken away from their families do to divorce, suicide, Veteran PTSD, ETC. We have supplied many families with food, advice, housing, legal assistance, and so much more.

2015 News Letter Excerpt

We have saved several children from being taken away from their families do to divorce, suicide, Veteran PTSD, ETC. We have supplied many families with food, advice, housing, legal assistance, and so much more.

Fall 2018

The CHILDREN S DIVISION, is managed, controlled by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS 
of the AMERICAN IDEALS FOUNDATION, INC. (501 C 3 non-profit). It has the assistance of its Director and various committees that are created for specific assistance. When a child comes to our attention for assistance an application is and has to be filled out, completed by parents or a guardian. The application is reviewed by the Children's Division Director and then by our Board of Directors. We then go through the detailed process of evaluating the need the expense if any and proceed to assist. We examine all health records, educational records, doctors reports etc. We work with many children organizations from private to state to federal.  We work with all Veteran Organizations, Recruiter Stations, Police and Sheriff Depts. As to audits we welcome them and they would be paid for by the organization or people that request an audit. We follow IRS Audit guidelines. 

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